By: Brittany Flaherty Theis

Whitt Law LLC continues to actively monitor the rapidly evolving circumstances surrounding COVID-19. In a blog post uploaded here Monday, Whitt Law LLC shared reputable resources for monitoring the development of COVID-19’s impact on schools and units of local government throughout Illinois. Please continue to monitor those resources and contact one of our attorneys if you have any questions while navigating these unprecedented waters.

At Whitt Law, we continuously strive to meet the needs of schools, units of local government, and our other clients. Our attorneys will remain available via the office phones – both directly and through voicemail. And, as always, you can contact our attorneys anytime through email or cell phone, as well as through the firm’s contact form on the website.

Whitt Law LLC knows that COVID-19 poses challenges to many of our clients. We remain available to address your legal needs through the entirety of its progression – both in addressing your everyday legal needs and in relation to COVID-19. Please contact ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­one of our attorneys if you have questions regarding matters involving employment, students, academics, food services, transportation, finance, board governance, and other issues.

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