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Legislative Update: Illinois Employers Cannot Request Social Networking Passwords

Public Act 97-0875, which takes effect January 1, 2013, prohibits employers from requesting any employee or prospective employee to provide password or other related account information in order to access a person's account or profile on a social networking website. Employers cannot demand access in any manner to an employee's or prospective employee's account or [...]

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Court Upholds Denial of Property Tax Exemptions (Part Two-Charitable Tax Exemption)

In Franciscan Communities, Inc. v. Hamer, the Illinois Appellate Court affirmed the Illinois Department of Revenue's ("IDOR") decision to deny Franciscan Communities' ("FC") applications for property tax exemptions based on claimed religious and charitable uses (except for the chapel). Part One discussed the denial of the religious-use exemption. The appellate court also affirmed the IDOR's [...]

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Legislative Update: Open Meetings Act – Amendment to the Notice Provision

Over the past summer, the Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, an amendment to the notice provision of the Open Meetings Act that will affect all public bodies, including school districts. This amendment will require a certain level of specificity in your posted meeting agendas. The new requirement takes effect on January 1, 2013. There [...]

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Court Upholds Denial of Property Tax Exemptions (Part One-Religious Use Exemption)

In a recent decision, the Illinois Appellate Court spelled out the analysis for determining whether certain property qualifies for religious use or charitable property tax exemptions. The court made clear that ownership by a religious organization is not sufficient to qualify for exemption. Religious management alone is also insufficient. In Franciscan Communities, Inc. v. Hamer, [...]

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