Over the past 35 years, Whitt Law LLC has represented some of the fastest growing school districts in Illinois and, at times, the nation. We are veterans of the election process for the selection of board members, the increase of tax rates, and the authorization for construction of facilities and bond issues to pay for them. Our referenda experience has resulted in the issuance of well over $1 billion in school building bonds and the construction of more than 65 new schools. In school board elections, we can help ensure that the local election official facilitating the nominating process does so in compliance with the Election Code, while respecting the due process rights of potential candidates.


Whitt Law LLC is dedicated to public education and is acutely aware of the constant changes in federal and state law that requires the adoption of new school board policies and procedures, as well as the revision of existing ones. We constantly advocate for public schools and work collaboratively with school boards and their administrators to ensure that policies and procedures are both timely and fully compliant with all requirements.


When conflict arises between the school board and staff, the entire school district suffers. Whitt Law LLC is a skilled legal liaison to assist public schools in seeking resolutions and restoring a good working relationship between these two important groups.


Whitt Law LLC recognizes that school boards are often forced to make unpopular decisions. We can ensure the legality of these decisions, assist the board in its communication with the community or even suggest alternative, creative solutions of interest to both parties.


Today, it is more common than ever for school districts to partner with cities, villages, park districts, library districts, community colleges and counties to best meet the needs of their respective constituents at a savings for taxpayers. Whitt Law LLC is an experienced ally, uniquely suited to foster cooperation and association between school districts and other local governments.


The Illinois Open Meetings Act was enacted to ensure that the people are informed of the conduct of their business by public officials. Our state requires that the deliberations and actions of public bodies be taken openly. Closed meetings are allowed only in specific limited instances. The Freedom of Information Act, which mandates public access to government documents, has the same purpose of keeping the people informed. Whitt Law LLC regularly provides guidance and counsel to school boards and FOIA officers in their efforts to be compliant with both the OMA and the FOIA.