Thomas S. Gray joined Whitt Law LLC in 2016. Mr. Gray is the former Chief Legal Counsel of the Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System, serving in that capacity for 15 years. Mr. Gray has 22 years of public pension law experience. During his tenure with the TRS, Mr. Gray was responsible for drafting pension legislation and the rules governing TRS benefits, as well as representing the System in administrative proceedings.

Mr. Gray is highly knowledgeable in Internal Revenue requirements governing public pension plans. He has reviewed numerous school district collective bargaining agreements and administrative contracts regarding creditable earnings and service credit issues. As Chief Legal Counsel, Mr. Gray worked closely with administrators, teachers, union officials and school law practitioners to assist them in achieving member pension objectives.

Prior to his employment with TRS, Mr. Gray was an Assistant Attorney General and staff attorney for the Illinois Capital Development Board. Mr. Gray served in the Revenue Litigation and General Law Divisions, where he represented the state in tax, bankruptcy, civil rights and procurement litigation.

Mr. Gray has been the Village President of Chatham, Illinois since 2001. He is presently the President of the Illinois Municipal League. Mr. Gray is highly versed in the Municipal Code and the laws governing Illinois municipalities.