Whitt Law LLC regularly advises school districts struggling with federal and state regulations regarding the rights of students in special education programs. We advocate for the district in these matters, while honoring the rights of the student.


When student misconduct warrants discipline, from expulsion to alternative educational placement, the school district needs guidance from an experienced legal team. Whitt Law’s attorneys regularly advise school administrators on student discipline and serve as hearing officers for school boards on expulsions and suspension reviews. We are often asked to advise whether the punishment fits the misconduct.


Residency issues can be particularly difficult for school districts, and administrators need to be confident they are acting properly. Whitt Law regularly provides legal guidance to school districts struggling with student residency issues, including the unique requirements for educating homeless children.


Public schools have the responsibility to safely transport students to and from school. Some do so with their own staff, others contract for transportation services. In both cases, Whitt Law LLC’s knowledgeable team regularly advises school districts on any transportation issues that arise.