Whitt Law LLC provides valuable, effective legislative counseling on behalf of our clients, meaning we advocate their interests before legislators in an effort to impact pending legislation. We’re proud of our reputation as a successful advocate for the rights of public schools.

We believe that public school participation in the legislative process provides the best assurance of a successful outcome. Our longhistory of success in representing public schools is a testament to our experience and commitment.

In the realm of education law, we have become the “go to” law firm for the Illinois Statewide School Management Alliance on property tax and other school funding matters.

If your school district is facing an issue that requires representation before the General Assembly, we provide experienced counsel to make certain your voice is heard. Please call us today at 630-897-8875.



In 2006, when the Illinois General Assembly revised the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law through the adoption of Senate Bill 1682, the Whitt Law team was at the table representing the Alliance and school districts throughout the state. In 2007, when the Assembly considered legislation on the assessment and taxation of wind energy devices in western and central Illinois, Whitt Law was there again on behalf of the Alliance to protect the interests of the public schools, resulting in legislation that provides thousands of tax dollars for local school districts.


In fall of 1987, the Illinois General Assembly enacted landmark legislation that deregulated the electric utility industry in Illinois. As a representative of FAIRCOM (the Fair Assessment Information Resource Committee) Whitt Law LLC worked with the legislative leadership to pass Public Act 90-562, which assured continued financial stability for local taxing bodies that receive property taxes from electric generating stations. Public Act 90-562 also called for the appointment of the state’s Electric Utility Property Assessment Task Force and Stuart Whitt was appointed to that group by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.


In February 2001, the voters of a large unit school district in DuPage and Will Counties approved two separate propositions: one calling for an increase in the district’s education fund tax rate and the other authorizing an extensive building program. As the district was preparing to issue its school building bonds, it discovered that the local election authority had failed to publish notice of the election in a timely manner. Within three weeks, Whitt Law LLC succeeded in securing passage of legislation and the Governor’s approval of Public Act 92-6, which validated the results of both elections.


In November 2002, the voters of a southwest suburban school district approved a $155,000,000 building program to accommodate its rapidly growing school population. Under Whitt Law LLC’s guidance and counsel, the district secured passage of Public Act 93-13 which increased its debt limit from 15% to 20% of equalized assessed valuation, enabling the district to expedite construction of the buildings for the growing student population. In 2004, the same district approved a $450 million building program. We then helped the district successfully pass Public Act 94-1078 which exempted the bonds issued for that program from the statutory debt limit.