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Legislative Update: Illinois Legislature Passes Erin’s Law

Three years ago, Erin Merryn, an Illinois native, quit her job to dedicate her life to helping victims of sexual assault and abuse by advocating for programs to educate children. Erin participates in speaking engagements around the nation, has published multiple books, and works with legislators throughout the country. The impact of her work in [...]

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Growing Backlog of Appeals at the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board

In Illinois, the property tax cycle is composed of six main stages: (1) assessment, (2) review, (3) equalization, (4) levy, (5) extension, and (6) collection and distribution. It is a two-year cycle in which the second year of cycle one overlaps with the first year of cycle two. During the first year, property is assigned a value [...]

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Illinois’ Local Debt Recovery Program

In response to mounting unpaid fees and fines owed to local governments throughout the state, the Illinois legislature created the Local Debt Recovery Program (“LDRP”) through Public Act 97-0632. Under this program, units of local government are able to collect unpaid debt through the Illinois Office of the Comptroller (“IOC”). Public Act 97-0632 modifies the [...]

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