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ISBE Accepting Applications for Qualified Zone Academy Bonds Until Tomorrow

In August 1997, the United States Congress enacted the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (House Resolution 2014). Section 226 granted authority to issue QZABs, which are subsidized by the federal government. The federal government allocates the authority to issue these bonds to the states, and the states may either directly issue the bonds on behalf [...]

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Federal Government Rescinds Dear Colleague Letter Regarding Transgender Student Accommodations

Late yesterday, February 22, 2017, the Department of Education and the Department of Justice (the “Departments”) withdrew the guidance and statements of policy reflected in two guidance documents related to transgender students’ rights. The Departments withdrew their Dear Colleague Letter dated May 13, 2016, and a 2015 letter from Emily Prince from James Ferg-Cadima, Acting [...]

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New Legislation Imposes Lead Testing Requirements on School Districts

Senate Bill 550 sought to impose lead testing requirements on school districts throughout the State. It contained provisions regarding the timing of the sampling, approved laboratories for analyzing the samples, and notification of parents and guardians. Its provisions amended the School Code, the Illinois Plumbing License Law, and the Local Governmental and Government Employees Tort [...]

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