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Can You Post Your Prevailing Wage Rates Resolution on the School District’s Website Instead of Publishing in the Newspaper?

Every year in June, Illinois public school districts adopt a resolution regarding the prevailing rate of wages to be paid in the locality as required by the Prevailing Wage Act.  Until now, districts also had to publish a notification in a local newspaper regarding that determination. In 2017, the Illinois legislature adopted Public Act 100-154, [...]

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Governor Rauner Signed Budget Bill and Budget Implementation Bill

Today, Governor Rauner approved House Bill 109 (the “budget bill”) and House Bill 3342 (the “budget implementation bill”). House Bill 109 became Public Act 100-586 and House Bill 3342 is now Public Act 100-587. Last week Whitt Law noted that the budget implementation bill limits end-of-career salary increases to 3 percent for Teachers’ Retirement System [...]

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Budget Implementation Bill Lowers End-of-Career Salary Caps

On May 31, 2018, House Bill 109 (the “budget bill”) and House Bill 3342 (the “budget implementation bill”) passed both houses and will be sent to Governor Rauner for signing. The legislature has 30 days to send the bill to the Governor, but is expected to do so within the next week. If enacted, the [...]

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