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Public Act 101-0012 Reinstates 5-hour School Day Requirement and Expands E-Learning

Section 10-19 of the School Code requires school board to annually prepare a calendar for the school term, specifying the opening and closing dates and providing a minimum term of at least 185 days, to ensure 176 days of actual pupil attendance. Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 28, now Public Act 101-0012, into law on [...]

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Prevailing Wage Act Amendments Remove Resolution and Filing Requirement for Public Bodies

The Prevailing Wage Act governs the rights and responsibilities of the Illinois Department of Labor, public bodies, and contractors as it relates to the wages paid to any workers employed in performing any public works by any public body. (820 ILCS 130/1 et seq.) Recent amendments to the Prevailing Wage Act became effective June 1, [...]

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Illinois Department of Revenue Launches New Online Portal

Today, the State of Illinois issued the following press release regarding a new online portal launched by the Illinois Department of Revenue. "Illinois DOR Launches Online Portal to Better Serve Local Governments MyLocalTax Brings More Transparency and Efficiency to Agency Operations CHICAGO – Local governments across Illinois now have financial information at their fingertips thanks [...]

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