By: Brittany Flaherty Theis

Today, the State of Illinois issued the following press release regarding a new online portal launched by the Illinois Department of Revenue.

“Illinois DOR Launches Online Portal to Better Serve Local Governments

MyLocalTax Brings More Transparency and Efficiency to Agency Operations

CHICAGO – Local governments across Illinois now have financial information at their fingertips thanks to the Illinois Department of Revenue’s (IDOR) new online portal.  MyLocalTax provides a centralized location for local government officials to access information from IDOR, providing increased communications and control over finances through timely and transparent information-sharing. The new portal also frees up IDOR staff to serve localities more effectively on other pressing issues.

‘At the Department of Revenue, we strive to increase efficiencies and deliver taxpayers a better service, and that’s why I am excited to announce MyLocalTax,’ said acting Director David Harris today before a crowd of local government officials in Naperville. ‘MyLocalTax puts local officials back in control by streaming operations and increasing information-sharing. Governor Pritzker challenged us to reimage service using technology and innovation, and I am very pleased to say that this is a major step by the  Department of Revenue toward that goal.’

Today’s announcement came as the department held a workshop for local government officials in Naperville, the first of many that will be held across the state during June.

The MyLocalTax portal provides monthly access to financial tax allocation information, streamlines the local business tax data verification process, and allows for electronic communication between the agency and locality.

‘IDOR has always been proud of the services it provides local governments on behalf of the state,’ said Brenda Towers, Program Administrator for Taxpayer Services at IDOR. ‘Not only does MyLocalTax continue in that mission, it increases communication with our local governments and frees up staff to tackle more complex problems affecting the allocation of monies to local governments.’

MyLocalTax is just the latest step in IDOR’s continuous mission to innovate and improve its operations while safeguarding taxpayer dollars. Last year, IDOR launched a new mobile-friendly website to provide businesses, tax professionals, and the public easier access to the information needed most.  Updates include a drop-down menu system at the top of every page, and real-time traffic-driven listings showing users what questions, forms, and tax types are currently garnering wide interest.”

Whitt Law’s work on behalf of school districts and other taxing bodies involves multiple facets of the Illinois Department of Revenue’s work, most prominently including matters related property tax assessments and exemptions.